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Visualising When Reading





What it’s like for a refugee by children.



Farmer Duck

Here is a short video conversation with Martin  Waddell.




The Magic Key – games to practise your reading and writing skills.







School Time Games – a range of word games about making words.

school time games


Grammar and Punctuation – lots of games to learn about grammar and punctuation.

Grammar and punctuation

OzSpeller – An online spelling tutor and game with voiced words and typing tutors.


Spelling City – type in your spelling words and practise them with fun games like hangman, unscramble, crosswords, word finds etc.

Spelling City

LearnEnglish Kids Find games, songs, stories and lots of activities that help you practise literacy skills.


Spelling Games – lots of fun games to practice your spelling and reading!


Loggle – a word game like the board game Boggle. Play online or download.


BBC KS2 Bitesize Games – practise your reading, writing, spelling and grammar with these activities.

Storyit word games – lots of different fun word games for kids.


Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Reading and more

  1. Hi Miss John,
    On the holidays Friday(12th) it was my birthday party,and I got to read my cards. I also went to the goldfields library to get some books.

  2. Hi Miss John
    I am reading every night night and I just finished 2 more Deltora Quest books. See you at school on Monday!
    Charlie 🙂

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