Kitchen Garden


Here are three awesome links from Lynn for you to investigate.

soil critters




five food groups

Follow the image link for some text information and a closer look at this infographic.


food words

Open these documents and find some words that help you describe the appearance, taste, odour and texture of the rice rolls.


Click to view a video about vegetable gardens…



What do you really know about fruit?

Start with this Simple Wikipedia page making sure you reread the section about the different types of fruits.

For some information about individual fruits use the image link below.



Mouth-watering Watermelon mmmmm



Square Watermelons…..????? Want to read more click here!



68 thoughts on “Kitchen Garden

  1. I absolutely loved fixing the garden up on Friday. It felt really good to clear it out! And those muesli parfaits tasted so delicious!!! 😉 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to see what those smoothies taste like!
    🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Miss John,
    I loved kitchen garden it was the best!I can’t wait to do some more gardening and cooking. The classes did a great job cooking and we all pulled the weeds out we did a great job.
    From Luke.
    😉 🙂 :);)

  3. Hi Miss John,

    I think Kitchen Garden is going to be really fun. My favourite is going to be cooking. I like cooking with my mum and I like cooking cupcakes and cakes etc.

    I wish we got to plant all the plants. I sometimes help my mum and dad in the garden and plant the plants.
    From Mia.

  4. HI Miss John,
    I think Kitchen Garden is going to be fun when we cook but I think I will still like gardening. I like gardening with my dad and I also like cooking dinner and cakes etc.
    I wish we got to plant all plants or mulch it all.
    From KYAH

  5. Hi Miss John,

    I really like kitchen garden it is fun. I cook at home with my mum. We cook brownies and other things. So I’m looking forward to cooking. At home I help my mum and dad in the garden.

    From Ella-Rose.

  6. Hi Miss John,
    It was fun on Friday gardening and weeding. It was so funny that we kept finding random potatoes in the garden. Also can I volunteer to become the watering monitor and are we cooking this week?
    The parfaits tasted awesome as well.
    From Sarah! ;p

  7. I kind of liked the cinnamon drink personally my favorite thing that we’ve make so far was the water melon drink 😉 🙂 PS remember that giant water melon!? it was HUGE!!!!!

  8. Hi miss jhon

    I can’t wait to start cooking again on the holidays my mum and I made chocolate crackles , cupcackes , orange and poppyseed cake. YUM YUM
    I hope we can make something sweat for kitchen garden because when you did that water melon drink I was not there I really wanted to make that drink

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