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Do your best to download all the Apps on the list. If you cannot find your list there is a link below to help you out!

The Puffin Web browser I understand has an age restriction however to my knowledge it is a web browser much the same as Safari, Google and Internet Explorer. My suggestion is if you are unsure about using it download it and supervise it’s use. If you are uncomfortable then as always you make the decision.

Vegie Guide, try this link http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/resources/vegie_app.htm and click on ‘Download the app here’.

I might be able to help if you are not sure what to do just leave me a comment or send me an email.
Don’t forget, when you leave a comment, only leave your first name!

Apps list 2014

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  1. I am not sure where to write it, but I will tell you a bit about my blog. I don’t have long so I’ll just tell you about 2 things I will have on my blog. 1:FIREWALL 2:FILTER! Bye!!!!!!!/// 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 ;!

  2. Hi Rhiannon,
    Just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and the staff for the year 4 camp. It sounds like great fun was had by all, and lots if memories were made. It’s a huge effort to be “on call” the entire time , so again thanks from us.
    Michelle Eagling

  3. To Miss John
    When are we entering our blog? When are we sending links on our blogs and leaving comments? When Mrs Stevens was teaching we went into Mr Rogers room and we had to log onto our blog and I wasn’t there on Monday ,so it is a problem because I don’t know my password ,so it is a little hard with the blog.

  4. To Miss John,
    I remember last Friday Sophie asked when we would be allowed to take full control on our blog. You said this week but the weeks nearly over so I am not sure when we could take full control.
    From Ella

    • Hi Ella,
      I think we students will begin to be given full control of their blog theme, widgets etc, later this week or early next week.
      I hope you had fun orienteering!
      From Miss John

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