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Check back here as we continue to build our resources…

eSmart is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

Think-U-Know is the latest addition to these resources, it has been developed by the Australian Federal Police.

Stay Smart Online is an Australian Government initiative that will support families so they can be online safely.


From Common Sense Media, a website that provides common sense information for families. It includes reviews of films, television, games, music, websites and books.

This page provides a link to the Cyberbullying webpage provided by our Education Department.


From Cyber[Smart:], another Australian Government resource…


Netsmartz aims to educate, engage and empower children and families on and off line.


Habits of Mind


This page is a link to information about the ‘Habits of Mind’ identified by Art Costa.

These are learning behaviours we talk about in the classroom that can help a learner tackle new and unknown problems in a strategic way.

There are 16 behaviours, we also use one that we ‘invented’; organisation.

Link to the website by clicking on the image, or find detailed information presented as a pdf file


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