18 thoughts on “Hour of Code…

  1. Hi Miss John,
    I think that this game is very good and you have to think about stratgies you can do. I got ip to level 9 and I found it fun by sometimes frustrating.
    From Kyah

  2. Dear Ms John,
    I love this game! I got up to level 15 and I think it is sooooo cool! I hope I can get to level 20 sometime soon.
    From Sophie

  3. To Miss John
    I thourght that it was a fun game I got up to level 9 and I’m having a little bit of trouble with that level but all the other levels where pretty easy.
    From Ruby

  4. To Miss John,
    I have really liked doing coding and I am almost into the Ice Age stage. The challenging part was to get the proper coding. It showed a lot of spacial and flip, slide and turn math. It was so much fun and I really want to do this more often.
    From Sarah :-).

  5. Hi Miss John,
    I think this game is easy at their start and gets a lot harder. I think it is a great strategie game and makes you think a lot. I think it is challenging near the end. I like it at the start of maths sessions so it gets my brain working.
    From Mia.

  6. Dear Miss Jhon,

    I really loved doing the coding I can’t wait to play it again.
    Tonight I think I will show my mum and dad tonight and mabey even play it a home.

    From Emily

  7. Hi miss John,
    The game was really fun. Me Harry and Toby got up to level 14. I would really like you to comment back, Great game.
    From Cabe Hazza Tobz.

  8. Dear Miss John,

    I really liked this because it was very changeing and it made me use my mind. I got up to the 9 level it is great.

    From Grace.

  9. Dear Miss John,
    I liked the game. I learnt a little bit bit about coding playing it. Even though I only got up to level 11 I had lots of fun. It really challenged me to find the right direction.
    From Lachlan R.

  10. Dear miss John amazing coding game but I’ve already coded before so it wasn’t really a start for me but anyway great game!
    From Nicky

  11. Hi Miss John,
    I think this game can be challenging when you get up to harder levels but it is easy at the start. I think this game is a strategie game. I would like to do more games like this in maths.

    From Ella-Rose.

  12. Hi Miss John
    I made a exiting achievement and I finished all of the stages. I realy injoyed it and I hope we do more stuff like this in class. I’m also looking out for the online courses.
    Bye, Connor

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