Why Seasonal Produce?

Could you  please have a chat to your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or neighbours and discuss:

What the current local seasonal produce is?

What are the benefits of local seasonal produce?


Could you please post a comment below showing your understanding of local seasonal produce.


4 thoughts on “Why Seasonal Produce?

  1. To Miss John,
    Some seasonal produce is cherries, nectarine’s, strawberries, mango’s, mandarins. Some local produce strawberries, lettuce, oranges, potatoes, pumkin, tomatoes. The benefits of buying local produce is that we are keeping farms in business and then they will then be able employ local people, to help farm their crops.

    From Ella-Rose

  2. To Miss John,
    The benefits of purchasing local seasonal produce it helps local farmers, its cheaper and fresher .Some local seasonal produce includes cherries and peaches.
    From Sarah.

  3. Hi Miss John,
    Most seasonal produce is fruits like mangoes, mandarins, cherries and more. Most local produce is vegetables and some fruits. The reasons of buying local produce is because we have a large range of farms, that raise fruit and vegetables. Local produce tastes better and looks better, it is better for you and it is a lot safer. Local produce supports local families. Our farmers love looking after the produce and they love being able to pick fruit and vegetables everyday and send them to the shops.
    From Mia.

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