Have you explored Common Sense Media?

Click on the image below and share this with a parent.
Your task is to find out which tips or tricks our parents found most useful.
Please show your parent how to post a comment below.

Please have this completed by Monday the 25th of August in order for you to be involved in our class discussion.


12 thoughts on “Have you explored Common Sense Media?

  1. Hi miss John,
    I was reading this with my nan and she liked the timer idea. She thinks it would help the kid learn how to manage their time and help parents help the kid manage their time.
    From Ella

  2. Hi Miss John,
    My Mum found it useful that she can now turn off gore in video games, and she also loves that she now knows how to put passwords on apps. Mum also said that she liked that you can set up YouTube to be kid friendly. 🙂
    From Sophie.
    P.S. I turned on Guided Access on my iPad. 😉

  3. Hi Miss John,
    My mum read this and she like the YouTube friendly one, the reading free app because I like reading and mum also liked the timer one.
    From Mia.

  4. Hi Miss John,
    My mum found the YouTube hint most helpful because she is really cautious of my safety on YouTube. Now she lets me use it non-stop!

  5. Hi Miss John,

    My mum found the information about setting and using timers for different things helpful. So now my mum thinks that we should start using timers for different things like dance practise as well as time on electronics. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    From Amelia

  6. Hi Miss John,
    Mum read this and she thought they there were some really good tips. She especially liked the detailed info on setting up parental controls on our home computer.
    From Lachlan.

  7. Hi Miss Jhon,
    My dad found the key pass useful because he has been looking for something like that and he is going to use it now. And my mum found the safety mode on YouTube useful because she can use it when she is using YouTube and safe things will come up.

    From Emily

  8. Hi Miss John
    My mum was impressed with all the suggestions, but was thrilled to learn that you can organise your passwords, especially with so many to juggle at any one time.
    From Caleb

  9. Hi Miss John,
    My mum read this and she liked that she is able to make popular sites and games that we use more kid friendly. She is going to download the find my phone app as she is always loosing her phone and has told me to download the timer app so I can manage my time better. She was surprise about what cookies can do.
    From Kyah

  10. Hi Miss John,
    My mum read this and she likes that YouTube gives you an option to be kid friendly. She thinks it is really good that it gives you an option.
    From Ella-Rose

  11. Hi Miss John
    My mum and I thought this was a very helpful article, we liked the idea of the timer and we have downloaded it to time how long I am on my iPad
    From Thomas

  12. Dear Miss John,
    My Mum and Dad thought the Youtube tip was useful. They get worried that I might watch something that is not suitable for my eyes and brain!
    from Elise

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